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What a weekend

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This was quite the weekend.  I planned on studying all weekend for my finals this week, but instead ended up having to concern myself with my laptop. On Saturday afternoon my laptop all of the sudden shut down.

Nothing worked.  I tried pressing the power button repeatedly, I reinsert the battery, I tried to run it without the battery. Nothing.  All my notes that I had taken in preparation for my finals were inaccessible. 

Sunday, I brought the laptop to Comp USA’s tech desk and they were able to recover my hard drive.  I use Synctoy, a Microsoft Power Tool, to back up all my data every Wednesday night.  In true College fashion I didn’t even start studying until Friday, so all the documents that truly counted were gone.  I guess in the future I will start backing up all my data on a daily basis.

When I went to pick up my recovered hard drive, they told me that to repair the laptop would cost circa $1,200.  Apparently, both my motherboard and power supply are dead.  I bought my laptop (Sony Vaio VGN-A140B) two years ago and my extended warranty ended three weeks ago.  What a drag.

I will have to start looking for a new laptop now, but I am really not sure what I want to get.  I know that some of my readers are true tech gurus and I would truly appreciate their expert advice.  I am looking for something small and light, with long battery life, and plenty of performance.  Actually, some (hidden) part of me is considering the purchase of a MacBook or a MacBook Pro, but with Vista and Office 2007 coming out soon I am unsure about purchasing an Apple.  I do want to take advantage of the new MS releases.  Is MS going to release Office 2007 for Mac?

Anyway, it is past 2:30am and I have my first final in less than 5 1/2 hours.  I should really try and get some rest.

Hope YOU all had a good weekend! Cheers,



Written by markusw

December 11, 2006 at 2:40 am

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