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Entering the “dark” side…

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I forgot to mention something! A couple of days ago I posted about some laptop trouble I had this weekend.  Basically, my Sony VAIO died on Saturday and the repair would have cost an outrageous $1,200.

I ordered my replacement laptop this morning.  I bought the new MacBook (in black) with Intel Core 2 Duo chip clocking in at 2Ghz and 2GB of RAM.  I am really excited about my purchase.  Actually, the process of buying the laptop was quite amusing:

I called Apple to order the laptop, for some reason IE7 was acting up on my desktop and would work right.  I told the rep, on the phone, that my Sony had broken down on Saturday and that “I am sick and tired of PC troubles so I decided to switch to Apple!”  His response was (I quoting him here): “Well, I am glad to hear that. I want you to enjoy your new MacBook early.  I will upgrade your order to overnight shipping for free.  After all, I want you to experience all that is Apple as soon as possible. You will receive your order tomorrow.”

How about that? In addition to that, my overall buying experience was very pleasant, since I also received a 20% discount for being a University student.

I am anxious to receive my MacBook tomorrow (oh correction, it is past midnight, so that will be today) and I will keep all of you posted on how things go.



P.S.: Later, after I got over my feeling like a traitor to the world of PCs I had the following thought: I worked on the Designer Audience all summer long at Microsoft, therefore, technically speaking this is just another way I am trying to get closer in touch with my audience’s influentials. 😉


Written by markusw

December 13, 2006 at 12:19 am

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  1. I knew you would eventually switch over to the world of mac. You are going to enjoy it!!


    December 13, 2006 at 3:52 pm

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