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First day of classes

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I had my first day of classes today. It is great to be back at school, although I am sure it will take me a couple of extra days to get back into my school routine.

I had my first Management Lab today and the professor appears to be a great guy – an interesting class to look forward too. I also had my first college level science today – Astronomy. I thought it would be refreshing to take something different than basic biology or chemistry. Exciting news for that class: I don’t have to take the lab, so I already dropped the class (bringing me down to “only” 19 credits.)
Other than that I sat through my first couple of lectures in Philosophy 301 (Ethics) and Perspectives on Global Issues (International Studies 410). I know how important a well rounded education is and I understand the value that a class like Philosophy might have for me, but I still struggle with them anyway. I like classes in which the professor lectures on theoretical concepts and the students then have the opportunity to get involved by applying the learned concepts in case studies, activities, etc. This is my third Philosophy class and I still have a problem with the idea of not definitely knowing what answer is right or wrong.
The most exciting class of the day was Portfolio Management A. I have previously posted about this class and after the first day I am even more excited to get into the thick of the material. I actually volunteered to do the first presentation, which in retrospect proves to be a huge task on very short notice. Oh well, at least it is fun and insightful.

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Written by markusw

January 17, 2007 at 8:00 pm

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