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Thursday – Second day of classes

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Today was my second day of classes, and also therefore the second and last day of “new” classes. Tuesday’s and Thursday’s I don’t start as early and can actually sleep in (if you consider a class starting at 9:30 am sleeping in.) I started the day with Management and Organization. The class is sort of a cross-over between a survey to human resources, team management, and organizational structure. The professor is very chipper (maybe a little too chipper,) but the class has many familiar faces in it and it promises to be very interactive and informative.
In talking with my friend, Chris Semke, I discovered that I could make good use of the time I gained through dropping the Astronomy Lab course. I just added Intermediate Finance (BFIN 322) to my schedule. This actually puts me up to 22 credits, which is more than I have ever taken before, but it also means that I will not have to take summer school and that I can take Intermediate Finance with Professor Time Korkeamaki. He is my current faculty advisor, husband of my former sophomore advisor, and they are both from Finland (I have actually flown back home with them on the same flight before.) His wife is 8 months pregnant and he will be going on sabbatical in the summer, which is just another great reason to take the class now and not later.
I am looking forward to this newly added class. The focus is on corporate finance and specifically the use of Microsoft Office: Excel.
My day ends with another business class. This time the class is for my marketing major: Marketing Research. In both my past internships with Microsoft and Lufthansa I have primarily conducted market research oriented projects. I am looking forward to formalizing some techniques I have used and to learn the theoretical concepts behind them.

After having every one of my classes once, I can officially say that I am looking forward to this semester and the opportunity to work and study hard.


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January 18, 2007 at 10:30 pm

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