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Bigger bucks for the Blogosphere

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In the February 12th edition of Business Week, Markham Johnson, wrote “Bigger Bucks for the Blogosphere”. The article outlines the activities of web visionary John Battelle. Mr. Battelle has been active in the blogosphere since its most humble beginnings and has, in addition also rode the wave of technological innovations in the sphere of the internet since the 1990s.
The article is concerned with Mr. Battelle’s newest venture: a company, called Federated Media Publishing Inc., which aims to assist the thousands of “serious” day bloggers to create revenue through blogging. His venture works with very popular blogs and finds major corporations willing to advertise on those blogs. Essentially Mr. Battelle is a liaison between a blogger (with advertising space on his/her site) and companies such as Nike, Cisco, Nissan, HP, IBM, Absolut, etc. wanting to advertise on that available space.
I thought this article was worth sharing with you, because it outlines some of the newest trends in turning blogging from a simple hobby into a very lucrative business. Mr. Battelle has in his first year alone sold $10 million worth of advertising on only 90 blogs. According to the article he hopes to make a profit this year and increase sales five-fold.


Written by markusw

February 11, 2007 at 12:40 pm

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