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Staying on top of feeds, articles, and news stories

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I am now actively following and reading many different blog feeds, newsletters, and news agencies. Every time I check my feed aggregator I am overwhelmed with the amount of “unread” material piling up. Alone the feeds from the major news sites create a considerable amount of reading material – I am following CNN.com (News, World, Money, Tech, and Business,) Al Jazeera News, Morningstar, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, and Spiegel (a German weekly magazine.)

It is great to have so much information readily available and on hand. The technology (safari RSS aggregator) that I have been using has made it much easier to deal with the many feeds and articles, but I still struggled keeping up with everything. Today, I finally got around to configuring Google Reader and Google Home. Google Reader enables me to read all my blog feeds in one place, while Google Home allows me to keep up with everything else (from blogs to news releases, top stories, etc.) in one “simple” homepage. I have included two screenshots so you can get an idea of what they both look like.

Google Home Screenshot

Google Reader Screenshot

I am going to keep you all posted on how things work out with Google Reader and Google Home. At least now, I will actually have more time to post about the things I come across 😉


Written by markusw

February 23, 2007 at 4:08 pm

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