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Microsoft to release its own online office app??

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I just found this over on Techcrunch. Tod Hilton, a Microsoft developer, wrote a blog post that says it’s his last day with Microsoft’s Global Foundation Services (that’s the new name of the former Windows Live Operations) team. Apparently, he is now moving on to the Excel Services team. Anyway, in his post he wrote about where the team might be taking the product further down the road.
His originally posted information on where the product is headed, then quickly removed it. The original text said:

“The product has tons of potential and will probably be competing with the likes of Google Spreadsheets, DabbleDB, Zoho and JotSpot Tracker. It’s a really exciting time to be working on this product!”

He then removed those sentences and said:

“update: I removed some of my personal opinions from this post. I do not want to confuse anyone who might take them as prophecy.”

Of course, we don’t want to interpret too much into this, but it does give an indication for some of the things the team might be looking at. It is certainly too early to say anything definet, but it kind of looks like Microsoft is aiming at competing directly with Google Apps and Zoho. It will be interesting to see if they are going to roll out an online office app any time in the near future.


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