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Windows Live Commercial

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Although, I said I would post more often I failed to do so for several weeks.  I am still at Microsoft working with the Windows Live Commercial/Google Compete team.  There is a lot to do and my project has been keeping me busy.  Currently I am planning our Microsoft presence at the Campus Technology Summit in Washington, DC.  I caught a hot potatoe with this event, because nothing really was organized in advance.  Now, I am making sure we have a good presence at the event – especially considering that we are a platinum sponsor.

The event is held annualy by the Campus Technology Magazine and should attract 700+ IT decision makers, administrators, and faculty/staff.  It takes place in 2 weeks in DC and should give us the opportunity to talk to some great potential customers.  I am hoping to combine my own product (Windows Live@edu) with some of the other Microsoft service offerings.  This will include Xbox, Zune, and Office, etc.

 So far, this has been a great learning experience because I am trying to pull all sorts of groups and team together on a timeline about 2 months shorter than usually necessary.  Problematic only because my actual deliverable (the FY 08 Marketing Plan for @edu) has to be developed as well.

I will keep you all posted on my progress and also hope to comment more on what I am actually doing this summer. 


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