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Windows Live Writer

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The first Windows Live Service I am exploring in my post series.  This is a desktop application that ties into your blogging engine, allowing you to work on posts in a Windows Live native environment and without having to work within the constraints of your web browser.

The program plugs directly into your blog service and pulls all the data you need to post on your post right from the Dashboard.  Blog stats, posting tools, comments, editing, and formatting are all accessible directly from your Desktop.  You can write you post offline and the next time you log into the Internet you post is published, either automatically or manually.

The advantage of using Windows Live Writer goes beyond offline writing though, it enables fully functional word processing avenues.  Enabling the user to insert pictures, videos, tables, maps, tags, as well as other plugins.  Even better, all my categories are easily accessible at the bottom of the screen enabling me to pick them from a convenient drop-down menu.

Windows Live Writer 1

Additionally, Windows Live Writer offers a series of advance editing tools similar to any other word processor.  These include the four different viewing options.  You can view your blog and current blog post in a word processor native environment, a web layout, the native blog environment, or in HTML code.  Some of the other advance editing tools allow you to control paragraph and formatting settings as well as keeping detailed weblogs of changes.  Another very useful tool is the integrated spell-checker, which is in sync with the Office spell-checker.  Words added to your personal dictionary in Excel 2007 or Word 2007 are also recognized and corrected in Windows Live Writer. 

All in all, this is a fabulous FREE blog writing tool.  Part of the Windows Live Cloud of Services, this will enable you to write and maintain your blog with greater ease then ever before.  Of course, I wrote this post in Windows Live Writer.  Please comment if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.      


Written by markusw

July 19, 2007 at 4:03 pm

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