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Hi all,

quick update on our travels to New York City.  We left Spokane this morning at 5:30 am and took the first flight to Minneapolis.  Every went smoothly until we got to the Twin-Cities (BTW, my first time in this part of the country).  However, when we left Minneapolis our plane was clearly experiencing some technical difficulties.  The front wheel would not retract and after several loops over Minneapolis, the pilot informed us that we will be dropping the other set of landing gears (due to the problem on board we had to literally drop the gear, causing a substantial shake-up and noise level to the cabin).  We continued to fly with lowered landing gear over Minneapolis for two hours burning fuel and ended up landing back on the same runway.  Unable to steer, we came to a halt in the middle of the runway and waited for the firetrucks, EMTs, and police cars to catch up to us.  We were tugged back to the gate and waited for a replacement plane.  Of course, it goes without saying that we were substantially delayed getting into JFK.

Northwest, our carrier for the flight, did a fantastic job in providing a replacement plane for us and getting us back off the ground very quickly.  The pilot, also, did a good job of keeping us updated and informed of what was going on.  My only complaint, our stewardess, that was in a VERY, VERY grumpy mood for the remainder of the flight.

Anyway, we are in New York City now and I am looking forward to our first day in the financial district tomorrow.


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