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Day 2 – New York City Trek

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I just got back to the hotel from our second and final day of company excursions.  We started the day at the Capital Group with Thatcher Thompson.  He told us a little bit about this background prior to joining Capital and where he came from since leaving Gonzaga.  He has certainly taken a different route then many of the other people we met with so far.  His job at Capital sounds extremely compelling.  He is the small-gap generalist in NYC, managing a portion of the world’s largest mutual fund (1.3 trillion dollars). 

I found it very insightful to hear how he makes decision about which stocks to invest in or which stocks to sell off.  It appears that the majority of his day is consumed by meeting with and researching smaller firms on the NYSE, seeking to have Capital buy a stake in their company.  It must be very exciting to spend your day researching small-gap firms all day.

Our second visit was to Joe Dwizura at TIAA-Cref.  He is a risk management director at the firm and in charge of ensuring that TIAA’s many pension funds are well diversified and in adherence to the company’s risk management strategies.  The job is very interesting and appears to involve A LOT  of math and analytics.  Our math and economics guru in teh group was delighted, while some of the other students more focused on trading and portfolio management seemed shocked at the level of math and statistics at work.

We rounded the day off at Bank of America Securities, watching the equity traders scream and yell on the trading floor.  The energy on the floor was amazing and our alumni and tour guide, Mike Berl, did a fantastic job of showing us around and bringing us a little closer to the action.  He has been trading for BofA for 11 years and his insights into the job were great.

All in all an amazing day! The entire group is loving NYC and we are looking forward to a nice dinner at O’Looney’s followed by some Meatpacker district action later tonight. I’ll keep you all posted


Written by markusw

September 21, 2007 at 7:10 pm

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