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Day 3 and 4 – Sightseeing, back to Spokane

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Quick update on our trip to New York: Today, we are flying back to school in Spokane. Some of us have exams (incl. myself) on Monday, so everybody is either studying or sleeping on the plane. I have been busily studying for my International Finance exam, but taking a quick break during our layover in Minniapolis to update you all briefly.

The group stayed together for teh most part this morning and we took a fieldtrip to the MET. The weather is once again fantastic and the musuem was great. Especially the sculpture show on the roof of the MET. Afterwards, we took a stroll through Central Park and most of us did some last minute souvenir shopping, then it was off to the airport.

Yesterday, I tried to get up early after a long night out in Manhatten to score some Broadway tickets. I got lucky! 5th row center “Wicked.” The show was absoultely fantastic. The leads were strong, but even more impressive was that the entire cast, back to the last row, was of such quality. My first original Broadway experience – YAY. After the matinee I strolled around, taking in the sites, some shopping, and more. I decided I like this city 😉


Written by markusw

September 23, 2007 at 7:42 pm

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