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Upcoming Travel Plans

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The past few weeks have been packed with school, work, and fun.  Just in the past weeks I have gone to New York City, Seattle (x2), but it looks like the upcoming month will be even more packed with trips, exams, and other things.

I just wanted to briefly outline some of my travel plans for the next few weeks; give you an idea of what I am up to besides school 🙂

  • Thursday and Friday (10/25-26) I am in Portland, Oregon, meeting with companies in an attempt to get this year’s Portland Trek (01/08) up and running, as well as attending the Portland Alumni Board Meeting.  Besides Kryptiq, Nike, and Regence, I am also hoping to get in with Adidas for an hour or so.
  • Monday through Thursday (10/29-11/2) I am in Spokane retaking a bunch of exams that I am missing due to my travels – keep in mind I am a student first and foremost 😉
  • Thursday and Friday (11/8-9) I am in Seattle to meet with companies in the area (again) to plan the Seattle Trek, which takes place on 01/10-1 and to attend the Seattle Alumni Chapter Board Meeting.  Microsoft, Boeing, Amazon, Starbucks, Ameriprise, Xversity, WaMu, Google, and Paccar are just a few of my meetings.
  • Thursday through Sunday (11/15-18) I am in San Fancsisco and San Jose meeting with companies and employers (incl. CNet.com CEO Neil Ash and Cisco Systems SVP Howard Churney) to plan the San Francisco Trek (03/19-21).
  • Tuesday (11/20) I am in Seattle to meet with Washington Mutual and a quick break over Thanksgiving.

Then, it looks like I may even have a life and stick around here for a while until mid December when I am off to

  • Seattle on 10/13 for another Board Meeting, and
  • 10/15 when I am going home to Hamburg, Germany for Christmas break

Written by markusw

October 23, 2007 at 2:50 pm

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