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Macbook needs service AGAIN!

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Now, this is what I call frustrating:  I just got my MacBook back from repair and have now noticed that my keyboard and trackpad are completely shot.  I have to hammer on the keyboard for it to register anything and the mouse button hardly reacts at all.

You go through the trouble to send your computer into service because they made a production mistake and when it comes back from repair it is even WORSE!!

I mean, when am I supposed to do my work and USE my laptop?!  it is not like I just use my computer for a couple hours every day and could just whip out my typewriter during those times.  I AM ALWAYS on my computer, constantly working, writing emails, homework, etc.

Truly a frustrating experience!!!!  Get it right Apple!! Instead of making my computer look pretty and cool, how about making a product that actually works and hiring service people that fix a computer instead of creating even worse problems!!


Written by markusw

February 25, 2008 at 5:01 pm

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