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Windows 7 Toolbar

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I have been using Windows 7 for about 2 weeks now and so far the experience has been fabulous.  I am running build 7000, it is fast and stable. 

One of the most noticeable and sleep new features is the new toolbar.







The toolbar automatically groups common windows together, which can then be expanded by hovering over the icon in the toolbar.  In the snapshot above you can see that I have two instances of PowerPoint opened, as well as three instances of Internet Explorer 8.  Also, and this is one of the sleekest features, you can see that I have placed both Tweetdeck, Zune, Word, Excel, and OneNote in the toolbar at a fixed location.  So, whether the program is currently running or not, it will always be in the same location on my toolbar.  In order to open the program you can simply click on the icon, or hold down SHIFT to open multiple new instances of the application.

Finally, if you look closely at the IE8 icon you can see that I currently downloading something, the progress being reflected by the green status bar in the icon.


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January 21, 2009 at 10:59 am

Washington DC – Part 4 (final)

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Today was the second and final day of Campus Technology Summit.  Once again we had trouble getting good foot-traffic to the booth, but I actually opened a second booth in the larger exhibit hall.  We got to send people our way from there.

mid-day we had Kenneth Pierce, the IT Director from the University of Texas – El Paso present to customers in our hospitality suite about his experience implementing Live@edu for the students.  The attending crowd was very interested and asked several compelling questions about the technical aspect of Live@edu as well as the student’s perception of the email system.

Sadly, this day was very hectic as I had to leave mid-afternoon to catch a flight to Germany.  I am now sitting in Dulles airport with only a few minutes to spare before boarding.  I will be off blogging for a few days while traveling to Germany.  Cheers!

Washington DC – Part 3

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Today, was Day 2 of Campus Technology Summit in DC and the first of two days worth of exhibits.  The booth is looking really good, considering all the trouble I have been trough in getting things figured out prior to the event.

We had a great Microsoft presence at the event with Bruce Gabrielle and myself representing the Live@edu team, Kathy Richardson for Zune, and Rachel Drossman from the Office 2007 team.

We had a pretty even flow of foot traffic in the booth throughout the day, but as expected it was a little too slow for my taste.  The exhibit organizers were good about working with us and tried several things to drive more traffic into our exhibit hall.  Really, this was just bad planning on Campus Technologies part, but they are doing their share to rectify the issue.

The crowd is an interesting mix between tech-savvy faculty, IT decision makers, and university administrators.    I met with several current customers and we had great conversations around their needs.  Seems like there is a lot of talk about Live@edu and many are showing great interest.  We have a good list of people to follow up with once we are back in Redmond.

I also had the chance to give a brief product demonstration presentation in our hospitality suite.  A great opportunity to talk in greater details about the many features of live@edu.  The attending crowd was very interested and asked many follow up questions.  YAY!

All in all, a great first day.   However, I really hope we can drive more people to our booth tomorrow.

Washington DC – Part 2

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Today, was Day 1 of Campus Technology Summit in DC.  I met with our vendor to discuss details about the booth and ensure that everything falls into place nicely.  The venue itself is looking good, but for some reason the three platinum sponsors (HP, Trumba, Microsoft) are in a separate room from all the other exhibitors.  I hope this is not going to affect the traffic that we will get during the event hours. We shall see.

We had a hard time getting all our materials together for the booth, but my vendor (Meeting Solutions INC) did an outstanding job finding them all and hunting down the right people to get everything set up.  Apparently union laws prohibit exhibitors from just setting up the booth by themselves.  Anyway, I am really tired and the official event hasn’t even started yet.  Stay tuned for more about Campus Technology Summit.

Windows Live Commercial

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Although, I said I would post more often I failed to do so for several weeks.  I am still at Microsoft working with the Windows Live Commercial/Google Compete team.  There is a lot to do and my project has been keeping me busy.  Currently I am planning our Microsoft presence at the Campus Technology Summit in Washington, DC.  I caught a hot potatoe with this event, because nothing really was organized in advance.  Now, I am making sure we have a good presence at the event – especially considering that we are a platinum sponsor.

The event is held annualy by the Campus Technology Magazine and should attract 700+ IT decision makers, administrators, and faculty/staff.  It takes place in 2 weeks in DC and should give us the opportunity to talk to some great potential customers.  I am hoping to combine my own product (Windows Live@edu) with some of the other Microsoft service offerings.  This will include Xbox, Zune, and Office, etc.

 So far, this has been a great learning experience because I am trying to pull all sorts of groups and team together on a timeline about 2 months shorter than usually necessary.  Problematic only because my actual deliverable (the FY 08 Marketing Plan for @edu) has to be developed as well.

I will keep you all posted on my progress and also hope to comment more on what I am actually doing this summer. 

Pink Zune on May 1st

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Ebgames.com has confirmed that Microsoft will be releasing a Pink Zune player on May 1st. The player will sell at $249.99 and will most likely have the same technical specifications (30GB) as the current Zune players.

Now note, there WAS a limited edition pink Zune released earlier, but this new one seems to be quite a bit lighter. Moreover, the limited edition pink Zune is currently selling for $960 on ebay.com!!


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March 23, 2007 at 12:44 pm

Oh, and it’s Valentines Day:

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Found this on my friend’s blog (Sam Zaiss). Happy Valentines Day everybody:


Only possible on a Zune (thank you Microsoft.) Take that iPod!!!

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February 14, 2007 at 11:47 pm